Building award-winning communities for over 50 years

Great communities are more than just a few streets or a single neighborhood. They are envisioned and planned from the ground up to create the best possible experience for people who will one day call them home. Where will the schools go? What kind of parks will be needed? Should there be a community retail core? For more than five decades, Newland Communities has been planning and creating great communities from coast-to-coast that continue to thrive and grow.

When faced with difficult economic times, we know community becomes more important than ever. And in 2010, during the toughest housing recession, Newland Communities was named "Developer of the Year" by the 20-year old national business magazine for the homebuilding business, Builder and Developer Magazine.

Over the course of Newland's history we have been through many housing recessions, and during each one, thoughtfully designed, well-planned communities with award-winning homebuilders, good schools, and great amenities continued to thrive.

Many of our large new-home communities take years to build. We realize, and our investors realize, that by the time a large community is complete, there will be ups and downs in the real estate market. Our experience and national scope help us prepare for this, and our geographically diverse portfolio means when one market is down, often another is recovering.


  • Five decades of market-leading mixed-use project development, from a few hundred to many thousands of acres
  • Survived and prospered through many economic recessions
  • Successful experience acquiring large diversified portfolios: Genstar Land Co. in 2000, Terrabrook in 2003, and 28 CalPERS' residential assets in 2011
  • Raised in excess of $3 billion in capital, both debt and equity, leveraging a reputation as a strong fiduciary partner


  • Four active operating regions from coast-to-coast led by experienced real estate development professionals
  • A diversity of projects in 22 markets and 13 states
  • Proprietary best practices developed and refined in diverse markets, creating national economies of scale
  • In-depth local insights and an understanding of regional differences


  • A team of 200+ professionals with solid real estate experience in finance, entitlement, planning and engineering, community design, construction, legal, research, marketing, and sales
  • Demonstrated advisory expertise for asset, market, and financial review, resulting in actionable analysis and recommendations
  • Significant internal resources both corporately and across the country to develop or manage projects in major markets in the US


  • From individual and legacy landowners to corporate and investment bankers in the US and abroad, Newland is known for developing strong business relationships based on mutual trust, transparency, and respect
  • Newland fosters true teamwork and innovation, and approaches each business interaction with caring, commitment, and integrity