How people live is forever changing and evolving, making the big decision to purchase a new home more complex than ever. For more than four decades Newland has been creating communities all across the country that have become home to hundreds of thousands of families. In every community we create, one thing will never change—we start with the people who will one day live there, raise their families there, or retire there.

“Home” means something different to a young couple just starting out, to a family with teenagers, to a couple with adult children returning home, or to an empty nester with a home-based business. Newland is the largest private developer of planned residential and urban mixed-use communities in the United States, and we believe it is this diversity that creates the special sense of community that comes to life every day in our communities.

You can see it in the way the community amenities live, in the way informal social groups form and then take off, and you can sense it on the trails and in our many parks. Newland’s customer-focused approach to community creation is long term, and ensures we deliver on our vision of creating incredible places to live, while responsibly managing our partners' investment.

With offices in many US cities, Newland has been successful because we have created a portfolio of communities with geographic diversity, and a range of homes and amenities for all different types of families living life in ways that matter most to them.

Our teams all across the country take our core values of caring, commitment, and integrity very seriously. They are at the heart of everything we do. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Newland is currently developing communities across the country in 13 states including: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Nevada, Oregon, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.


Newland Communities creates communities
from coast-to-coast for all kinds of families to live life
in ways that matter most to them.

Building award-winning communities for over 50 years

Great communities are more than just a few streets or a single neighborhood. They are envisioned and planned from the ground up to create the best possible experience for people who will one day call them home. Where will the schools go? What kind of parks will be needed? Should there be a community retail core? For more than four decades, Newland Communities has been planning and creating great communities from coast-to-coast that continue to thrive and grow.

When faced with difficult economic times, we know community becomes more important than ever. And in 2010, during the toughest housing recession, Newland Communities was named "Developer of the Year" by the 20-year old national business magazine for the homebuilding business, Builder and Developer Magazine.

Over the course of Newland's history we have been through many housing recessions, and during each one, thoughtfully designed, well-planned communities with award-winning homebuilders, good schools, and great amenities continued to thrive.

Many of our large new-home communities take years to build. We realize, and our investors realize, that by the time a large community is complete, there will be ups and downs in the real estate market. Our experience and national scope help us prepare for this, and our geographically diverse portfolio means when one market is down, often another is recovering.



One of Newland's greatest strengths is our ability to bring a diverse group of homebuilders to a community, sharing our passion and customer focus with them and combining our collective efforts so the community vision is achieved.

We work with our builders to offer a wide array of home styles and designs to choose from. We continually push ourselves to create communities that are as unique as the people who will call them home.





Whenever possible, we build amenities at the start of a new community’s development. This means if you are one of the first to move in, it won't be too long before you can enjoy features such as swimming pools, parks, hiking paths, and more, right in your own community. And as we continue the development we often ask the people who know best—our residents—what they would like to see in their next community amenity. No two communities are alike, and their amenity program shouldn’t be either..





Since before it was popular to do so, Newland has always looked for ways to protect and restore the land we develop, preserving or improving wetlands and areas of natural topography, and integrating them within the community plan itself. We strive to protect the rich history and traditions of the land we develop, while providing healthy living opportunities for our residents.

• In 2008, Newland's efforts to build green were demonstrated when Symphony Park, a new mixed-use community in Las Vegas was awarded  Gold Certification status under stage 2 of the LEED®-ND (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for New Development) green building  rating system.

• In 2010, Newland's FishHawk Ranch™ community outside Tampa,  Florida was named NAHB Green Development of the Year by the National Association of Homebuilders.

• Newland's Briar Chapel® community in North Carolina was the first community in the Raleigh/Durham area to require homebuilders to  comply with the rigorous new-home construction requirements and  third party testing of the North Carolina Green Build Initiative.