Newland provides advisory services that help manage risks and take advantage of opportunities for clients in all areas of real estate. Newland’s experience stretches from initial due diligence and acquisition, to hands-on development, and disposition strategies. Services provided include value assessment and decision modeling, market evaluation, product repositioning and segmentation analysis, competitive analysis, performance forecasting, and a full spectrum of professional services including land planning and development, governance and litigation, sales and marketing, accounting and finance.

Representative Client Engagements:


Newland’s teams have conducted work for major financial institutions, including an engagement for Bank of America to analyze and assess the viability of post-reorganization business plans for a prominent mixed-use development company.



Institutional landowners have used Newland’s expertise, including Suburban Land Reserve Inc., a real estate investment and holding company owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, who retained Newland to assist in developing a business plan, community vision, brand strategy, and secure a catalyst user for a proposed several thousand acre multi-use, transit-oriented development in Florida.



Newland has worked with major investment firms, including iStar Financial, to assist in the development of an initial development plan, product segmentation, core target buyers, pro forma, operating budget, phasing, and milestone events for a large-scale residential community.