A legacy of thoughtful
community development

Our collaborative, disciplined approach to creating communities is what sets us apart. Our mission statement, “creating exceptional places and experiences where people connect, are inspired, and thrive,” guides the full spectrum of what we do. The uniqueness of the land, nuance of each market, and evolving customer preferences drive the diverse style and mix of uses in the communities we build.
Over the lifespan of a community, we re-envision plans and program mixes to adapt to changing market demand, family formations, and changing buyer preferences, incorporating lifestyle amenities, neighborhood centers, office parks, schools, and civic uses. Ranging in size from 50 acres to tens of thousands of acres, each community we create is as unique as the people who will one day live, work, shop, and play there.
Pet owner and dog at the dog park.

Staying True to How People Live

We stay true to what we do best, which is envisioning and delivering how people want to live in their community. This includes neighborhoods that are walkable, have a mix of housing, offer recreation and conveniences, and incorporate gathering spaces at a human scale for social engagement and connections.

We don’t have a one-size-fits-all recipe for what makes an incredible community. We start with the customer to understand their wants and needs, which can be very different across the country or across town. We do extensive research to delve into what consumers want in a community, neighborhood, and home, what matters to them, and how they want to live.

Business meeting at Tehaleh.

A Focus on Relationships and Results

Our reputation for developing strong relationships is based on mutual trust, transparency, and results. We have a lengthy record of success in new markets, including success through challenging economic cycles and entitlement hurdles in multiple jurisdictions, thus gaining the confidence of partners, investors, stakeholders, builders, and consumers.

We approach every community in a thoughtful, purposeful way with the understanding of the landowner's own vision and ideas for their legacy. All of our projects are held in a series of development partnerships with public and private investors and, in some cases, with financially strong and experienced local land owners. We do business with partners who understand that development is a long-term process requiring vision, patience, and commitment.

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