10 September . 2015

Newland Communities | 2015 Marvin Design Awards

Under Teri Slavik-Tsuyuki's marketing leadership, Newland Communities zeroes in on its target audiences.

By Jennifer Goodman, Builder

While it may seem odd that a business professional is receiving one of the building industry’s most prestigious design awards, it makes perfect sense when that person is Teri Slavik-Tsuyuki, Newland Communities’ chief marketing officer.

Slavik-Tsuyuki is a central part of the San Diego-based company’s development team that works with local partners to create new residential communities. In fact, she advocates for the most critical element of the equation: the buyer. As a self-professed “sociologist at heart,” she relies on in-depth market research to help Newland teams around the country—including regional marketing directors, local architects, land planners, and engineers—bring projects to life in 14 states. “It’s important to include the voice of the customer in all of our development decisions,” she says.

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