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11 July . 2019

Estrella, Bexley, and Tehaleh Earn Top Spots

Newland communities Estrella, Bexley, and Tehaleh made RCLCO’s 50 Top-Selling Master-Planned Community Mid-Year list. Estrella, which made the list last year, was ranked number 28 with 242 sales mid-year, with number 32 Bexley coming in at 227 and number 49 Tehaleh with 189. Bexley had a 46% improvement over 2018 sales.

For the Top 50, a 3% growth in sales over the same time period is noteworthy too as RCLCO states the home sales for these communities exceeded expectations for mid-year and indicators point to a 10% increase over 2018 for year’s end.