Newland and its affiliates actively own and develop premier residential master-planned, commercial, retail, and urban mixed-use real estate. The size and scope of projects are as specialized as 50 acres to thousands of acres for development and sale. Each project is envisioned and created to provide the right mix of uses and products to meet the needs and lifestyles of specific customers and businesses. Newland's development teams are directly connected to their local communities to apply local market knowledge, and can take advantage of Newland's systems and national best practices for land development.


Within many of Newland's community developments, a commercial core is an integral part of the development vision and one of the ways Newland offers long-term value to our residents, development partners, and investors. Newland's project teams work with commercial buyers and developers, sharing a vision to create an environment where businesses thrive, while providing opportunities for residents to live, shop, and work close to home. Depending on each communities' characteristics, commercial land parcels can be planned to accommodate uses such as retail, daycare, preschools, supermarket-anchored neighborhood centers, community centers, professional, and medical offices.


Our regional teams live, work in, and understand their local markets. Our philosophy is one of partnership, where we work together with landowners to define a clear vision that protects the land, removes uncertainty, and provides solutions unique and individual for the landowner.



  • Newland is one of the largest and most experienced developers of residential communities in North America. We buy land for our own use, carefully create a vision for the property, obtain the approvals and develop the land for building. We never rush to create a community; instead we do it over time to maximize the value of the land. We are very sensitive to the environment and determined to create a community that we can all be proud of, including the legacy landowners. Once the land is entitled we select experienced builders to join us in constructing the community. Our regional teams work with landowners every step of the way, for as long as needed, and are experienced at planning, engineering, and marketing the future communities.


  • What should a particular tract of land become? What natural resources exist that need to be restored or protected? What does the market want and how should the community be positioned for success? Who will ultimately live here? Newland approaches every new community in a thoughtful, purposeful way with the understanding of the landowner's own vision and ideas for their legacy.


  • Newland works with landowners as they strive to maximize their return over time, with a clear appreciation and understanding of the complexities of tax issues. It is common for us to work with tax attorneys, listen to their recommendations, and create relationships that meet each landowner's particular needs.


  • Newland has over five decades of successful experience securing entitlements for large community developments across the country. We work with all stakeholders, including local governments, environmental groups, and planners, who may be affected by the development process, in order to anticipate potential concerns and provide suitable solutions.


  • We create a vision for the communities we develop, often paying homage to the history and culture of that region. We realize product types and amenities desirable in one region are significantly different in another—our market-driven approach and diversity of product reflect that. Covenants and design standards help create consistency for generations to come.


  • With a goal to become the top-selling community in each market in which we compete, expert marketing is essential. Before, during, and after community development, Newland remains involved with the execution of the sales and marketing efforts, helping with the clear communication of the community vision.


  • Newland is privately held with a reputation as a credible, consistent developer and partner. All of our projects are privately owned, held in a series of development partnerships with public and private investors and, in some cases, with financially strong and experienced local land owners. Newland does business with investors who understand that development is a long-term process requiring patience, commitment, and careful planning.