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19 November . 2019

Newland Founder and Leader Bob McLeod Receives Industry Honor

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Executive Chairman Bob McLeod was presented with the Master Plan Hall of Fame Legends Award at the inaugural FuturePlace conference dedicated to the practice of master plan developers, architects, builders, and designers in Miami, FL on Oct. 22, 2019. McLeod is acknowledged by his peers as a true visionary in residential and mixed-use real estate.

“Under Bob’s leadership, Newland has become one of the largest privately-held real estate developers in the United States,” said Jeff Meyers, CEO of Hanley Wood. “Newland has consistently been at the forefront of creating truly innovative and inspired communities including master-planned residential communities, mixed-use centers, skyscrapers and more. I can’t think of anyone who better exemplifies the qualities we created the Legends Award to honor.”

“Anyone who is a placemaker owes something, at least in part, to the work and legacy of Bob McLeod,” writes John McManus in his in-depth profile of Bob McLeod in Builder Magazine Online. “Have a look at what Bob McLeod did to transform master-planned communities for good, and why that matters for residential development's future.”

McLeod, certain of the role master-planned communities will play, says “One thing I believe is that consumers want community, even more so than they’re going to want this house or that house. The connection—to each other inside and outside their homes, and to nature, and to resources—is what MPCs do well.”

Read more about Bob McLeod’s philosophy and journey to become a masterful placemaker in “Creating Incredible Places for Generations to Come.”


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