03 September . 2021

Customization and Community: Top Ways to Attract Military Buyers

Relocation is a given in military life, and quick moves are the norm. Builders are well-positioned to meet the needs of military families. By providing a streamlined process and showcasing features unique to a military lifestyle, builders can stand out.

Given the large military presence in the DMV area, it has become a priority for many builders to appeal to military buyers. Drees Homes and Richmond American—builders featured in our Embrey Mill community just outside Quantico—provide helpful tips for attracting military buyers in a recent article at

Two of the best tips involve customization and community. Builders’ new home specialists should make sure to highlight all the ways their homes can maximize space and appeal to a modern lifestyle. It’s also important to emphasize the built-in sense of camaraderie military buyers will find in a master-planned community. Case in point: 67% of Embrey Mill residents are military.

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